Kathryn Gibbs Davis
Wackiest White House Pets
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Wackiest White House Pets
  written by Gibbs Davis
illustrated by David A. Johnson
Scholastic Press, 2004
Scholastic school paperback, 2005
ISBN 978-0-439-73889-7
Animal lovers will appreciate this fresh approach to presidents and first families through their pets. Hilarious anecdotes and fun facts accompany comical illustrations. Meet some of the wackiest pets that have lived at 1600 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, including alligators, bear cubs, goats and raccoons. Reference section lists 400 pets with thumbnail description of their presidents.
  Teaching Guide  
  In 2008 and 2009, Gibbs co-hosted the Reading Discovery Program with Former First Lady Barbara Bush at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. Mrs. Bush read Wackiest White House Pets to over 11,000 Texas school children during this televised event.  
  Parents' Choice Gold Award  
“I applaud your efforts to interest children in our nation’s history through your books and I know from experience that children are captivated by the stories of White House pets. I am sure you will find an enthusiastic audience and wish you success …”
  "John Quincy Adams briefly kept an alligator in the East Room during his presidency. Ronald Reagan had a First Fish, sent to him in the mail by a 10-year-old boy. Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue has witnessed 400 different pets, from Lincoln's goats to Coolidge's raccoon. This whimsical topic will appeal to young history buffs and provide entertaining insights into the family life of presidents."  
  “This inspired picture book for ages 7 to 10 tells the true stories of such bizarre presidential beasts as Jefferson’s grizzlies and Van Buren’s tiger cubs.”  
  “Throughout history, the U.S. Presidents had some unusual pets. Children will love learning little-known facts about the founding fathers …”  
  “Wackiest introduces a wide variety of pets that have lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, including the pair of grizzly cubs that Thomas Jefferson kept on the South Lawn and the alligator that spent a couple of months visiting John Quincy Adams.”  
  “Scholastic turns the White House upside down with Wackiest White House Pets by Gibbs Davis, illustrated by David A. Johnson …”  
  “Animal lovers in the family will enjoy Gibbs Davis’s Wackiest White House Pets … It’s hard not to laugh at such great illustrations as Millie with a laptop and Woodrow Wilson’s sheep mowing the White House lawn.”  
  “Davis’s enthusiasm is engaging, and her topic sheds an unusual sidelight on life within our first families.”  
  Wackiest White House Pets by Gibbs Davis demonstrates warmly to readers 6-10 that even presidents find comfort in keeping animals … at the back of this charming book is a special section listing other presidential pets.”  
“With comical anecdotes and hilarious illustrations, this is a side-splitting look at American history shown through the most child-appealing White House residents.”
“In case the puppy thing doesn’t work out for the Obama family for some reason, this book—aimed at grade-school kids, but fun for everyone—offers alternatives. John Quincy Adams, for example, kept an alligator in the East room for a couple of months. Calvin Coolidge had a raccoon. Benjamin Harrison had a goat, which he wound up chasing down Pennsylvania Avenue one day when Old Whiskers escaped.” Required Reading  
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