Kathryn Gibbs Davis
Tony's Double Play
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Tony's Double Play
  Never Sink Nine series #5
written by Gibbs Davis
Yearling, 1991
ages 7 to 10, ISBN 978-0553159967
Tony is filling in for clean-up hitter Mike Lasky. It’s their big rematch game against the Bug Busters. Tony needs lots of practice at the plate and is afraid he’ll let down his teammates.
  Each book features a different team member (boy or girl), and a game. Teammates on and off-the-field, the Never Sink Nine deal with school, family life, and sportsmanship.  
“In time for baseball season, here’s another adventure of the Never Sink Nine. Walt’s best friend, Mike, can’t play in Saturday’s game because of an important piano recital; instead, Tony, who’s been benched with a broken leg all season, is going to play shortstop. What’s more, after knocking a home run his first try at bat, Tony’s also going to be cleanup hitter, a position Walt wanted for himself. Worse yet is the extra attention the coach, who happens to be Walt’s grandpa, is paying to Tony. It’s bad enough to lose one’s best friend to piano lessons; losing one’s beloved grandpa to another kid is unthinkable. Davis captures the ups and downs of childhood relationships smoothly, adding just enough game color and interteam rivalry to keep the action crisp and fresh and make this good summer reading for the Little League crowd.”
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