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Swann Song
  written by Gibbs Davis
Bradbury Press, 1982
ages 9 to 12, ISBN 978-0878881987
Avon Flare paperback, 1989
ISBN 978-0380756094

In a hidden refuge three girls share their deepest secrets, their hopes and dreams, until love—and tragedy—alter their lives.

  “Davis effectively portrays changing teenage relationships, evincing in the characterizations of Pru and Swann the innocent joys of first love and in that of Mary Tess the loneliness of being left behind. A bittersweet love story laced with leavening humor …”  
“Elliot Swann is intelligent, amusing, tender and in love with his tenth-grade classmate Prudence; both had been too-tall loners and their love is intense, private, innocent and the exclusive. In particular, it excludes Prudence’s old friend Mary Tess … Davis has captured the poignant sweetness of first love.”
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