Kathryn Gibbs Davis
Pete the Magnificent
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Pete the Magnificent
  Never Sink Nine series #4
written by Gibbs Davis
Yearling, 1991
ages 7 to 10, ISBN 978-055315896
New first baseman, Pete Santos, seems to like playing jokes and doing magic tricks more than playing baseball. Will Pete get serious in time to help his teammates win the big game against the Bug Busters?
  Each book features a different team member (boy or girl), and a game. Teammates on and off-the-field, the Never Sink Nine deal with school, family life, and sportsmanship.  
  Pete the Magnificent's Magic Tricks (these are performed in the book)  
Off with the Shirt Trick
Walter’s shirt appears to be buttoned as usual under his jacket, but the cuffs and front are unbuttoned. Walter has draped the loose shirt over himself with only the neck showing. When you do this trick make sure the loose sleeves don’t show. All Pete had to do was grab Walter’s collar and jerk the shirt over Walter’s head. The clip-on tie was left unhooked in the back.
Loose Thread Trick
Pete threaded a needle onto thread still attached to the spool. The spool was put into Walter’s jacket pocket. The thread was run through a buttonhole in the jacket. The needle was then taken away so it looked like a loose thread.
I Can Smell Colors Trick
When Pete held the box behind him he stuck his finger in and scratched the mystery crayon with his thumbnail. When Pete held the box to his nose he could see the color on his thumbnail.
Watch Trick
Pete only pretended to pass the watch to his right hand. He really kept it in his left hand. He had the buttons ready to throw down in his right hand.
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