Kathryn Gibbs Davis
Fishman and Charly
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Fishman and Charly
  written by Gibbs Davis
Houghton Mifflin, 1983
ages 8 to 12, ISBN 978-0395338824
Eleven-year-old Tyler Hawkins, known as Fishman to his sister Charly, faces the double challenge of impressing his stern father and saving the gentle manatees he loves from the poachers who are slaughtering them.
  Booklist starred review  
“Since the death of their mother four years ago, Tyler and his sister, Charly, might as well be orphans for all they see of their father, the Colonel … Davis’ characters are distinctive in a Byars-like fashion, and their problems go straight to the heart. Tyler’s slow discovery of his worth is credibly accomplished, while the plot is eventful enough to sustain a concrete sense of story. A clean resonant novel.”
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